Making an enforcement complaint   

Making an enforcement complaint

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Making an enforcement complaint

Important: you will need to complete this form within 45 minutes of starting it, or possibly sooner depending on your computer settings. To avoid losing information you may prefer to prepare your complaint in advance and copy it to the text box below.

If you believe that a development does not have the necessary approvals, you can report a suspected breach of planning regulations to us using the form below.

Before you make your complaint we strongly encourage you to check whether there is planning permission in place for the works. Our planning database is fully accessible from this link

Items marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed.

Your Details
We will need your details in order to investigate your complaint. Your details will be treated in confidence as far as possible. Unless required by law, the Council will not reveal the source of complaints. However, in the course of formal action against unlawful development, we may ask you to provide evidence to support our case.

If your address is a Camden address, please enter your postcode below and click find address. Otherwise, please manually enter your address.

Address of site which you are making a complaint about

Possible breach of planning control
If you can provide the following information it may help us to take action more quickly and with more certainty: 
* Where on the site is it located? 
* Can it be seen from the street? 
* How long have the works being going on?
* If possible please provide details of who is responsible for the works. 

We can investigate the following concerns:
- Works which affect external appearance of a building
- Internal & external works to Listed Buildings
- Change of use of a building or land
- Advertisements
- Demolition in Conservation Areas
- Felling of protected trees 

The following issues may be of concern to you, but the planning enforcement team cannot investigate them:
- Neighbour disputes
- Works to party walls
- Smells, noise and pollution (contact Camden Environmental Health team)
- Fly-tipping (contact the Fly-tipping team)
- Most construction works going on inside buildings 
- Dangerous structures (contact Building Control)
See here for tips on what the planning enforcement team can and cannot investigate

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