Comments on a current Planning Application   

Comments on a current Planning Application

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What types of comments can we consider?
You can support or object to a proposal. Or you can simply raise an issue or concern without being in favour or against the application. But, we can only consider comments that are directly related to the actual proposals. These are known as 'material considerations'.

What can we consider?
For instance, we can consider comments that concern:
- the design, size and height of new buildings or extensions 
- the impact of new uses of buildings or of land
- loss of light and the privacy of neighbours 
- access for disabled people 
- the impact of noise from plant equipment
- noise from new uses 
- the impact of development on traffic parking and road safety 

What can we not consider?
Issues that may be of concern to you, but which planning officers cannot consider, include:
- disputes about civil matters such as building freeholds or the 'right to light' 
- loss of property value 
- issues which are dealt with by other forms of law such as party wall matters
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